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Family Eye Care

Dr. James Bryan, Dr. Mark Scroggs and Dr. Steven Shaw offer exceptional vision care for both adults and children in Chapel Hill and Carrboro (as well as Durham, Hillsborough, Efland, Pittsboro and surrounding areas). Our doctors are committed to providing patients with attentive eye care whether the need is for a routine eye exam or the treatment of a complex eye condition.

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LASIK Services

Dr. Bryan and Dr. Shaw are very experienced surgeons who specialize in laser vision correction such as LASIK, Clear Lens Exchange and PRK.

They use the world’s most sophisticated LASIK technology, iLASIK, which is the only technology approved for U.S. military pilots and NASA astronauts.

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Cataracts are extremely common. In fact, cataract surgery is the most frequently performed procedure in the United States with over 1.5 million patients undergoing the cataract extraction each year. The success rate for cataract surgery is extremely high with over 95% of patients being satisfied with clearer vision and improved quality of life.

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What People Have To Say

"LASIK is easier than going to the dentist. I no longer have to worry about getting smoke in my contacts or my eyes getting tired while playing video games because my lenses are drying out. Everyone that can, should do it. Absolutely!!!"

Curt Nice

"All of the staff--from the receptionist to the surgeon--was supportive, honest and helpful. LASIK was the best decision I have ever made - I only wish I had made the decision sooner!"

Sarah Lamm

"After I was able to see 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other, my wife decided that she needed the same freedom from glasses. She had the LASIK procedure with the same level of success and satisfaction. Somehow she is the one with the cool sunglasses."

Dan & Starr Basmajian